— Macklemore — Thrift Shop — Music Video

If you know me, you know I love music.  Granted, there’s very few modern rap songs I still dig.  I stopped listening to rap when, Run DMC, ICE-T (generation 1), KRS-1, and NWA were running the scene.  Yes, I just aged myself to the early 80’s when I used to break-dance on cardboard and sport fat-laces.  But what I like now is a — [rap, or hip-hop, or whatever] — song that shows some creativity and DOES NOT talk about how much money someone has, their big house, or the women they can get (yep, I’m that old).  But I can appreciate me some humor.  Check it out:  He’s got a potty mouth though, so kick the kids out of the room — unless you’re a bad parent…

Yep, what’d I tell you? Hilarious.  Right?  It’s about 5 months old, but I regularly find myself wanted to watch it again.  It’s obviously, in my psyche. Probably because I love me a good thrift shop!

— Kali Pinckney


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