— “Do You Remember” — That Scene From The Movie, V For Vendetta

Do you Remember, Remember (nice) the scene from V for Vendetta when the character, V, gives a speech to the people of England?  He asks them to think of what’s going on within their country, and their government.  There’s some lessons we all could learn from this I think.  Here it goes:

Yeppers, I knew that’s how you’d feel if you live in America right now.  Americans seem to be all too willing to surrender their rights to government for a sense of security, whether it be from terrorism (Al Queda), disease (The Flu), or crime (Gun Violence).  But what they will find, is that government will not, nor can not, give them true security.  Government can only take rights away in its pursuit of its vision of a Utopia (that will never be achieved)”.

If you haven’t seen V For Vendetta, I suggest you do. There are numerous scenes that I think every Libertarian and/or any other freedom loving individual should see.    It makes some great points regarding freedom and the role of government.  It captures pretty accurately where ALL governments eventually lead [With the Government more powerful and important than the individual].

— Kali Pinckney

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