— Remember When Your Life Was Your Own???

In the distant past, people were free to live their lives as though they owned them here in America.  We used to be a country where your bad decision could very well lead to your own death.  People could take drugs, barnand drink themselves to death without the government stepping in to tell you what your bad behavior was and how you must change.

There was a point when you could go Barnstorming.. Pilots could land their planes in a field (next to a barn), give people rides or put on a flying circus where brave souls could do some wing-walking while the aircraft was flying.  It was no one’s business how stupid you were.  Actually, people would go watch these brave (some say foolish) people with the understanding that someone might plummet to their demise right in front of them; which happened pretty regularly.

Now, obviously Barnstorming was gunfighterdangerous, but just decades before that [Once Upon A Time In The West], you could gunfight in the streets of Dodge City.  Hell, people did it for money, they did it because they wanted to use the prostitute first, and sometimes they did it because someone called their momma, “a-horse-that-no-one-would-steal”.  And more people died per year gunfighting than ever died barnstorming.

But the point is…. Are you really free, if the government (or anyone) tells you how to live?  Are you really free, if you are not in a position to make terrible decisions?  Are you truly free if a nanny state can punish you for doing things that only affect your life.  Are we content with government raiding forcing people from drinking unpasteurized milk?  Are we really interested in having government stop people from having gardens in their front yards?  Do we really think government should be able to stop you from building a house on your own property?

Who will separate the fit from the unfit if not their ability to make choices and survive. Being fit does not only mean strong or physically tough [we have guns now, afterall]; It means that one can adapt to ones environment.  Regarding Humans, “fit” primarily means, Intellectually fit to survive.

“Most people do not really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility.” 

— Sigmund Freud

So;  I say ride a motorcycle without a helmet if you choose.  I say smoke’em if you got’em!  I wouldn’t advise injecting heroin into your body, but since you’re free, I hope you only kill yourself with it (and don’t have any children).  Something has to separate the “fit” from the “unfit”.  And since we’re ALL going to die sooner or later, and so long as you do not hurt others, you might as well Live Hard, and Live Free!

— Kali Pinckney

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