— Is This Freedom? — You Can’t Even Have A Garden…

Is this freedom?  Really?  In Florida there is actually a debate about having a garden in your front yard?  Is this really something government needs to interject itself into?  Do we actually think a person shouldn’t be allowed to have a garden in their own front lawn?  couplegardenReally?  What is the real reason?  Merely for being an eyesore?  I can understand if it were against the Housing Association (HOA) rules that the homeowner signed, and perviously agreed to follow;  but that’s NOT the case here.  This if merely because people… don’t like it!  I recognize this may be silly to some.  It’s not as bad as Domestic drone use.  It’s not as bad a ATTEMPTING to ban guns.  IT IS WORSE!!!  Seriously! Here’s why?  Because it is so innocent.  People will fight drone use in court and eventually stop helping government and defund local police departments who have them.  People with guns will eventually fight government if (when) it goes too far when it comes to the Second Amendment (because they can fight back), however, people who merely want to grow veggies, are not likely to fight back much.  Is THIS how we live in a free country?

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The truth is, that regardless if your neighbors don’t like your garden, that information should have Zero effect on your life.  We have freedom (in theory), we do NOT have legal standing to tell others how to live because we don’t like something that does not hurt anyone else.  This is because, others also have freedom.  It is ridiculous. Do we want government to get involved and force/coerce people into not growing vegetables on their own property?  How the mighty freedom-lovers have fallen.

I guess the only good news… is that it’s not the Federal government coming down regulating front yard gardens from Washington D.C. (yet).  But, we’ll see, I have no doubt the EPA and the Agriculture Department would love to get involved when the opportunity occurs.  The King always loves to tell the peasants how to live their lives.


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