— Gun Control In Australia And Britain — How’s It Working For Them??

Seriously,  A lot of Americans who’ve NEVER been out of the country, and thrive under the freedom granted by the Constitution want to get rid of the Second Amendment.  They seem to believe that Gun Control works everywhere it’s been attempted (regardless of all fact).  Idiots like Piers Morgan will quickly resort to “facts” and comparisons between the US and England…. and how perfect it’s been; but not so much.  I’m done talking. Watch the vids and make up your own mind.  What do the people in those countries actually think???

Meanwhile In Britain

Meanwhile In Australia

What do you think?  A bigger problem for the US government is that the Americans they will want to disarm, are the ones with a revolutionary spirit.  And unlike Britain or Australia, Americans won’t turn in guns or rifles.  Sure, you’ll have some people that do it, but… Most of the 300 Million (estimated) guns won’t be turned in.  Watch and learn [Government… I’m talking to you].


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