K. Pinckney

I keep hearing those, many of whom I consider(ed) intelligent, thinking, and informed people, say silly things.  One of those silly things concerns the future of the United States.  They proclaim: “Ohh, We’ll never have a revolution!”  Now, despite the fact that one should Never say “Never”, I find it fascinating that they may actually believe that statement.  I won’t discuss the fact that they seem to forget that we’ve already had a Revolution (or two) in this country; on some of the same land they currently live.  But what’s worse is that those smart people — as smart people always have been — apparently do not understand human nature as well as they believe they do.  History is laced with cases of “smart people” leading their countries into turmoil through their faulty ideology.  They mistakenly believe that government can make (coerce/force) people do what those smart few

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