— The Banning Of The Lightbulb — Ahhh, This Is Freedom

The 75-watt light bulb is NOW banned by Government.  This posting is in response to: The Lights Go Out On The 75-Watt Bulb.

[Re-posted section from Light bulbs, Losers, and Hangmen]

Light Bulbs

While talking to a person whom I greatly respect about the government ban on incandescent light bulbs, they noted that they were OK with the ban because they don’t use incandescent bulbs anymore. I noted that I don’t use many incandescent bulbs either, but I came to another conclusion. That “choosing” to use incandescent bulbs is a freedom that has been removed by Federal government regulation. If a government (or anyone) took away that right, then that government (or anyone) is taking away your freedom to choose a light bulb. But exactly when did it become the responsibility of the Federal government to ban items that do not hurt anyone? Most of us can understand regulating certain kinds of firearms, explosives, chemicals, or other hazardous items, however, when did private electrical “efficiency” become any of the Federal government’s authority? Is this what an American Government does, or is this what a King proclaims?

The fact is that despite any good intention; the type of light bulbs free people buy… is NOT a Federal responsibility so long as it doesn’t harm anyone. It is NOT in the Constitution and this ban is NOT supported by the 10th Amendment. I’ll ask again; Is this freedom? The Federal government has told everyone that they cannot use regular light bulbs but must buy bulbs such as Compact Fluorescent that contain mercury (which is actually hazardous to human health). It should be obvious, that government is willing to disregard individual freedoms, and it will soon find another product to ban, and the process to ban that next product will be easier and faster than the light bulb as there is now established precedent. If government can ban a light bulb due to its power usage, then government can also ban TV’s that it deems too large. It can also then mandate that everyone must buy solar panels, tank-less water heaters, or even, regulate that ALL cars and trucks get 20 miles per gallon, or be banned?

Are We Free People, Or Are We Slaves To A Distant Government?  Do You Wonder???



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