— Jack Reacher — Some Random Thoughts On A Good Movie

Alright, I’m gonna make this short.  Go See Jack Reacher!!   It’s a surprisingly good movie.  I’ll give my impression while being extremely vague so as not to give up to spoil the movie for you.

What was nice about Jack Reacher, was that it is not merely a shoot’em up flick where people are dying throughout the entire movie [although the first scenes are horrific and disturbing].  There’s actually a good bunch of examples of witty retort and jack-reacher-tom-cruisecreatively written dialogue.  You have to think and pick up information as the movie goes on.  There was no random hi-tech computer systems used to capture the bad guys (as in CSI) .  All the information/evidence is developed the old fashion way, by going to talk to somebody.  It was just a good old fashion story of a guy who’s attempting to determine who did what.

Tom Cruise was believable in this character.  That’s actually a testament to his acting skill.  He doesn’t appear to be trying too hard to be a Tough Guy (which is not really his thing).  He’s funny, charming, and human.  He gets tricked sometimes and he gets hit hard enough to put him at disadvantage in fights (unlike when he was in Collateral).  He makes mistakes and misjudges those around him.  As a Character, he’s NOT superhuman like Stallone and Schwarzenegger seem to be when they act.  The storyline is complete and neatly ties up the loose ends.

What I really like about this movie is that, although he does have the military background, he’s not some Special Forces guy, or Navy Seal;  He’s a random Military Police guy (those guys are the best– despite the fact I was one).  Amongst his best lines in the movie concerns the fact that the difference between him and a regular police officer is that everyone he goes after… “is a trained killer”.  Another reason to see this movie is Rosamund Pike [James Bond – Die Another Day].  She is straight up hot!

Now, I’m normally quick about deciphering who the bad guy is, but this movie has some quick direction changes that I didn’t see coming.  It was literally within the last 20 minutes of the movie that I was able pick the logical antagonist (bad guy).  This movie does have the predictable ending that you’d expect.  You know, it’s where the one guy goes up against the people who are standing in the way of the movie’s resolution.  We all know who wins, but it’s the ride, that is kind of fun to witness.

If you dig man-hunts, humor in funky situations, and law enforcement thrillers, and Now that I gave you Zero information on the movie, Go Check It Out.  You won’t be annoyed when you leave the theater.

Kali Pinckney


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