— US Gun Sales Soar After Obama Reelection — But Why??

Currently, there are a plethora of articles [such as this one] about the increase in Assault Rifle (and other firearms) sales across the United States.  Now, if you watch the news, it’s all about Obama.  I can’t say it’s ONLY an Obama thing because it happened after Clinton as well (to a lesser extent).  Obviously, an increase in gun sales is more likely to happen when Democrats get elected because they are perceived as being less supportive of the Second Amendment, and hence, more legislation on legal firearms (because they cannot legislate against illegal firearms).

By Gary Mccoy – Click Image for More Info

Here in America, we’ve had a some terrible shooting incidents this past few years in which CRAZY people grabbed rifles, pistols, or both, and killed people.  Whether it be the CRAZY guy who shot up a political event and shot Congresswoman (Giffords) and killed other bystanders, the CRAZY guy who shot up a movie theater in Aurora Colorado, or the unfortunate and terrible incident in which 27 children and adults were murdered by another CRAZY individual whose mother was even terrified of him; and, unfortunately was his first victim.  It is unfortunate all around that people have to die from this sort of thing, but instead of placing the responsibility on those who committed the heinous acts, some make the argument that the guns themselves are somehow at fault and should be banned.

…But let’s be scary and conspiratorial for a second; Why are sales of ALL types of firearms (specifically Assault Rifles) Skyrocketing?  The general theory throughout the news media is that it is due to possible regulations that will be created banning such rifles.  Now,  Are people buying these guns just for posterity? Are people buying these weapons for investments?  Or are they buying them for fun?  I’m sure some people are….

But I’d be willing to bet that there are also some other people buying these guns in preparation of something?

What is that ‘something people might be preparing for?  Is it possible that some people are preparing for the confrontation that inevitably has arisen between EVERY government and its citizens?  Yes?, No?  All government’s come to an end eventually, and usually it’s because the people have had enough and decide to fight back.  To take it further, I’ll suggest that SOME, are no doubt, buying them in preparation of governmental attempts to ban them.  Government is willing to ban an item because some CRAZY people have used them illegally, even though 99.998% of the people who own them have not misused their weapons.  Government believes that more laws, will stop the very people, who did not/will not follow the old laws; after all, murder is illegal.  There are many who believe government is a threat to their rights and their liberty.

But let’s step back!  What about the MILLIONS of people who have NOT went crazy and killed people.  Are legal, non-CRAZY, non-criminal firearm owners merely supposed to lose their rights even though they’ve done nothing wrong?  Is it reasonable to think they will allow that (without a fight)? Is it more or less reasonable to believe that people will get angry and start fighting government when their rights are being taken away?  Well, “I” think it’s obvious why gun sales are soaring at this point… and government should be worried.  It will be 2.2 million government employees (>150,000 of which are law enforcement officers), against some of the 80 million gun owners who are currently preparing for them.

The numbers should terrify government… but alas, government’s are so arrogant that they never get scared until after people start physically attacking government resources and/or employees.  In countries like Greece, Egypt, Spain, or other countries in which we’ve witnessed civil unrest lately, we see people throwing rocks at riot police and burning government buildings.  When government goes too far in the United States and our civil society begins to unravel, it’ll no doubt be met with people throwing, not rocks, but bullets… And this was all by design [of the founders of the country].

Scary? Perhaps! Predictable? Definitely!

Kali Pinckney

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