— Another School Shooting — So You Want To Ban Guns — Good Luck!

It has been a terrible week here in America. We had another mentally ill individual go into a school and shoot the place up after killing his mother at his home. We have 20 dead children and 6 dead adults.  Being so close to Christmas makes it much more of a tragedy for the country and devastating for their families. It is senseless.

Instead of mourning the loss of these lives… On the very same day, the debate abruptly takes that turns to gun control and/or banning guns, that some have wanted their entire lives.  They are the people who act surprised!  They act as though they’ve finally concluded that the laws should be changed!  They say that this [event], “Should be a wake up call” chicago street violenceto everyone.  They want the government to do more to ensure the safety of everyone… and as disgusting as it sounds to say (or type), these people seem to dream of these events in order to make their point.

They want guns off the streets, as EVERYONE does, but instead of going after the guns on the streets of the most dangerous cities in the country like Detroit, Flint, St. Louis, Oakland, Atlanta, Baltimore, or others, they think it best to go after the Second Amendment and the “types” of firearms that they do not like [which is usually based on how a firearm looks].  They will never stop attempting to take guns away, however, the difference now, is that they have a President who believes what they believe.   Maybe he will go where the rest have failed; but he’s got a few problems to overcome…

The Constitutional Argument

He will always run into the pesky little problem of the Second Amendment.  Since government won’t be able to get an Amendment passed banning ALL firearms because it’s an insane idea, they will attempt to do an end-run through regulation.  As they do it, they will say what they ALWAYS say in an attempt to court the other uninformed Americans.  Their argument’s will be:

— That weapons for hunting shouldn’t be banned. [They shouldn’t be]

— That Handguns for Self-Defense shouldn’t be banned. [They shouldn’t be]

— That magazine capacity should be limited to 5-rounds. [They shouldn’t be]

— That there is no Sporting Purpose for Assault Rifles and they should be banned. [They shouldn’t be]

Despite the fact that none of these ideas have proven to work, they will make all of the same used arguments as to why Individual rights should cede to government power.  They will act as though the Second Amendment was NOT written for modern Military weapons, suggesting that only Muskets should be legal.  This is despite the fact that the Second Amendment WAS ONLY written for military weapons of their day.  Even the President focuses in on the hypothetical firearms uses (no where in the Second Amendment) of “Sporting” and  “Self Defense”.  He does this despite the fact that there were no “Sporting” or “Self Defense” guns, back then.  There were only rifles that soldiers used.

They will claim that a, “Well Regulated Militia” means a government-controlled National Guard, which is despite the fact there was no National Guard when they wrote the Constitution.  They will also ignore the fact that the second amendment is clear when it states that the right of the people to keep and bear arms, “shall not be infringed”.   They also ignore the idea that the framers wanted “the people” to serve as a check to exclusive government power.

But whether government attempts an Amendment [which I say they won’t], or hundreds of Regulations [which I say they will], there will be a fight.   With a product like Alcohol, people can accept that government has the power to ban it.  People didn’t necessarily fight back during Prohibition because it was only alcohol and alcohol was not worth killing anyone over. But when you talk about guns, you are talking about taking away a Constitutional Right.  For that, there will be a fight, within government, against government; or both.  Obviously, Government will NOT attempt any retroactive laws; because it is illegal, but for fear of making millions of currently law-abiding gun owners, criminals, government will attempt to make laws against the manufacture of firearms.  They will also make registration harder.

For a little perspective;  Let’s look at America’s period of Prohibition.

Prohibition became National Law in 1919.  It did NOT stop people from drinking at all.  It led millions of citizens to make wine, distill liquors, buy illegal alcohol, transport (smuggle) alcohol, sell alcohol, kill other smugglers, and kill police and politicians who got in the way of the black market cash.  It led to large organized crime rings and made those who were willing to disregard the laws, filthy rich.  Look no further than the Kennedy family (yes, that one) and Al Capone (who made nearly $60 Million smackeroos by some accounts).  New York City itself had, by some estimate, more than 40,000 illegal bars.  Chicago may have had nearly 20,000.  All of the alcohol sold in America was untaxed and unregulated and “Rum Runners” used powerboats to outrun US Law Enforcement in order to bring alcohol to market over the waterways.

Politicians became corrupt along with Police, Sheriffs, Marshals, Revenue prohib_murderAgents, and other Federal, State, and Local government officials.  Many innocent people were killed (many of whom had nothing to do with Alcohol) by both Government and Alcohol traders.  Government illegally confiscated and/or destroyed people’s vehicles, business’ and other property without trials and they still failed to stop the Alcohol from flowing.

States began to disregard the Federal rules on Prohibition because their employees were getting killed and their people didn’t want to follow those rules.  It’s safe to assume that many states, such as Arizona, Texas, Alaska, Oklahoma, Wyoming, New Mexico, Idaho, Florida, and about 15-20 other States will ignore firearms directives and not enforce Federal laws.

Prohibition was repealed on 5 December 1933 after 13 years, 10 months, 19 days, 17 hours and 32 minutes [and 35 +/- seconds] to parties and parades throughout the country.  The lesson from Prohibition was that the American people cannot be controlled by a distant government when they choose not to be controlled.  Coincidentally, this was the same lesson the British government learned.

Governmental Power was proven inadequate to ban a product that was NOT a Constitutional Right; Why does anyone think Governmental power will be adequate against an actual Constitutional Right?

Government Vs. The Citizens

Does government really want to start a war with people who legally own firearms.  Most Firearm owners already lack trust in the Federal Government (NO, I’m not going to back up that statistic).  Most also know how to use firearms effectively. Many of these people are Veterans, and Many others have had guns their entire lives. Does government really want to upset millions of hunters, and attempt to regulate their firearms from them? Really?  Assault Rifles may look cool, but you should be terrified by a hunter with a scoped hunting rifle attached to him.  You cannot run from a hunting rifle with an experienced hunter using it.


Leave it to Americans to manufacture and sell guns when they need to.  If you say Americans cannot manufacture or sell them, A firearms black market will boom in Mexico (as it did for alcohol), South America, Canada (as it did for alcohol), China, and numerous other countries.. and those guns (and gun parts) will find their way into the United states.  Those black market may or may not have serial numbers… but they definitely will not be registered.  How many illegal, unregistered firearms dealers would pop up and start selling guns?  Hundreds of thousands?!?!

Some will think it logical to ban guns starting now, and not confiscate any… but it won’t work.  Again, the current guns in circulation will become extremely valuable… and WILL be sold on a black market. Only the price may slightly rise on the glock-17Estimated 300,000,000 guns owned in the United States Currently.  People will buy components and put rifles together in their homes.  Obviously, much of the enforcement responsibility would go to the States and Local governments. And, they wouldn’t stand a chance against their firearm owning Friends and Neighbors.  Local law enforcement will learn to NOT assist in enforcing Federal rules/laws because their families will be endangered.  They will become tools of Tyranny knowing that they be targeted as such.

Eventually, Gun owners will organize.  And at that point, Government has lost.  Imagine 9 percent of the US Population willing to fight government.  You see this when you recognize that CURRENTLY, the NRA [National Rifle Association] has over 5 million members.  That is more than the amount of law enforcement personnel and US military members in the United States.  But imagine that 9 percent, which is approximately 30 Million people against 2.2 mil Federal employees; less than 350,000 of which are actual law enforcement personnel.

In The End

In the end… Government would not, and cannot, win.  There is NO doubt that government would eventually be BEGGING to undue what they’ve done because of the “unintended consequences”, especially in the face of general disrespect of its employees, property, and facilities (which would regularly be attacked).  If Americans get annoyed and exhausted by being in a war in Afghanistan or Iraq. Just imagine how tired they’d get of constant news stories of innocent Americans, gun owners, government employees, and police being killed in the streets of America in what would no doubt be dubbed, the War On Guns.

In the end… Why don’t we just make shooting people illegal (oh yea, it is!).  Well, why don’t we make it illegal for Felons to have possession of firearms (oh yea, it is!).  Well, why don’t we make it illegal for mentally ill people to have firearms (oh yea, it is!).  Well, why don’t we make massacres illegal… Oh yea, they are!

Is government’s job to “Control” people, or to “Protect” Individual Rights and the Constitution.

Kali Pinckney

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