— Why I Want Us All To Go Over The Fiscal Cliff

Yeppers, I said it, and I’ll say it again; I want us ALL to go over the Fiscal Cliff…

Why you ask? Because I’m a taxpayer who always seems to owe money. Every F-ing year I owe and it pisses me off to no end. I end up owing money and spending months figuring out how I’m gonna pay my taxes. EVERY YEAR! I could understand if I was rich, but alas… I’m not! I’m a guy who refuses to accept money for my lack of work. I don’t think that anyone should pay my way and, between you and I, I would be internally heart-broken if I had to collect unemployment (for any reason). So I work! I don’t make a bunch of money, but still, the government takes some of that from me. I’m living month to month like many others and It is hard for me consider this governmental attack on my family “taxation”, because it’s arbitrary. Others who make what I make may pay more or less than I do. If there was some sort of tax in which we all paid a set amount, fine! But that’s not the case! Just knowing that some people pay less taxes because they know how to work the system annoys the hell out of me. It’s NOT their fault, because the deductions are legal and authorized but that still doesn’t make me feel like I’ve made the right tax decisions. Now, It is every individual’s duty to keep as much of their money away from the government as possible. Great, but just knowing that some people are buying hybrid cars or energy efficient windows and paying less taxes pisses me off even more.

In my thinking, I want everyone to have to pay more (or at least some) taxes. Maybe then people will realize that thelma-and-louise-soaringgovernment is not Santa Claus or Robin Hood. Maybe then, they will realize that government cannot give people free stuff merely because they’ve been Nice (or Naughty). ‘That government cannot rob from the rich and give to the poor. It should be obvious to any idiot, but I’ll say it in another way in case the idiots are reading (which I doubt). Government can’t give anyone money, UNLESS it takes money from someone else.  Because there are no free lunch’s.

The Fiscal Cliff represents a great opportunity to cut spending as well. Since government rarely chooses to cut programs ,debt, or projects on its own, I’ll take a massive budget cut (sequester) where I can get it because God knows, this opportunity wont come around again until… the government inevitably goes bankrupt and/or goes into civil conflict? Now, I know this concept doesn’t resonate with some because they don’t care where the money comes from so long as they get “free” money and can buy what they need and desire. They want what they want, even if it is the property of others.

So with all of this said; Am I selfish? Perhaps! But I don’t believe “selfish” is the correct term. In America, we are not Socialists [Presumably]. America runs on individuals pursuing their own individual goals, needs, and dreams. Some people work more, some are lucky, some make more money, some make less money. Some go to Harvard, and some go to, Well Fresno State (Go Bulldogs). Some have rich parents, and some only have one parent. No one is guaranteed success. No one is promised money. But what we are promised is an equality of opportunity. Many confuse this with the equality of outcome, but that is NEVER going to happen. Coincidentally that could NEVER be “fair”. Some will strive to earn more money, some will make little money, and some will make a bunch of money, but in the end; it is THEIR MONEY! And I’d like to keep MY money? Why should a government (ANY government) take MY money and give it to people who didn’t earn MY money? How is that fair? And how are the people to take my money NOT selfish for taking my money. Wouldn’t I be selfish, if I just chose to go on unemployment because I could make more money doing that than I could by working?

‘Alas, some will claim we have to help those who can’t help themselves… Great, I’ve volunteered to feed the homeless, I’ve given up numerous Thanksgiving’s to feed others, don't feed the bearsI’ve donated alot of my money (without the tax breaks), I donate clothing. But you know what? It’s not charity if the government is taking it. It is folly to think government is helping the unemployed… Government is merely ‘feeding the bears.

The Fiscal Cliff may hurt me more than others and, no doubt others will be hurt worse than I, but you know what? Maybe some of the people who aren’t being hurt now will also get hurt, or at least feel some pain or discomfort when they are forced [or “Asked”] to pay more taxes. Perhaps, some of us will begin to recognize the absurdity of believing that if government gets more money, the country will be better off or otherwise more efficient (which is a what a fool believes). We all go through tough times and, as a society, we have determined that there are those who need occasional help. Great!, But spending YEARS on unemployment is absolute HS (Horse “stuff”) for those who are not hurt, handicapped, or otherwise damaged.

I’ve got my own goals, dreams, family, household, and debt. I cannot afford to chronically support others who should be working but are not… and more-importantly, I don’t want to support them!  America needs that slap-in-the-face that gives us no option but to recognize what the truth is: Government has led people to believe that only it has a legitimate say in how much money will be taken from citizens.  And this is based upon how much they can politically get away with. Gone is the concept that the money an individual has, is a product of HIS/HER own efforts. Born is the idea that an INDIVIDUALS money is really everyone’s money.

Now, the more Socialist inclined amongst us believe that the people who have more should provide more to the people who have less. But what’s more socialist than all of us flying over the cliff together? Let’s all suffer at the hand of government more equally. Isn’t that “Fair”?

Kali Pinckney

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  1. molly says:

    get off your soap box…lucky you …
    you have a job…I too am a hard worker
    and always have been…I would take any job …if I could get one…Single mom, raised 4 kids put them all through college …no $ assistance, food stamps or any other aid…and now I’m SOL if its to be cliff diving…Not everyone is a moocher as your narrow mind depicts… hope you don’t mind…but I will be sleeping in my car in front of your house come January when I can no longer pay my rent…Hey, could you bring me a cup of coffee on your way out of your hard earned home to your lucky to have job…its cold out here…

    1. Kali says:

      No Soapbox!, and I’m not Lucky! Obviously, you won’t take ANY job. There’s ALWAYS jobs out there (unless you’re a previous ex-con, or have zero skills). Props for you being a single mom and raising your 4 kids and getting them through college. Great! But my “narrow mind” should not be forced to support you. I’ve got my own kids (not four because I can’t afford that) to get through college, and me having to pay taxes for you offends me. You’re not my business, despite how much you think I should WANT to help you.

      You can sleep out in the street in front of my house all you want. And sure, I’ll bring you some coffee when I leave for work. You can be one of my charities (but only because I choose to donate, not have my money taken from me). And it’s not MY “hard earned home” because I’m renting it. But who knows, perhaps I’ll be out on the street with you, because, when I owe taxes yet again, I might end up on the street as well… all because I’ve got to give money to you so you can pay your rent. What makes you so special? You’ve put your four kids through college, choose one to live with. Just don’t involve me. Your family is your responsibility, not every other American Taxpayer’s.

      But you should really understand something, who’s more selfish, you or I? Me for wanting to keep my own money??? or you for thinking I should have my money taken, because you want the benefit of my (and millions of other American taxpayer’s) work??? Who The hell are you?

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