— That One Interstate Car Battery Commercial — “Pinball”


I was watching TV and what came on???  That one Interstate car battery commercial that has the car sliding down the icy road, bouncing into every car in its path like a pinball (huhh? get it?).  Anyways, the commercial always made me laugh and then it hit me that this commercial is over 3 years old.  Damn!  Tempus Fugit!  Check it out:

I know right?!?!  That is a good commercial.  The one question I have is..  Is that guy at the end — patting him on the shoulder — the guy who was sliding down the street bouncing into the other cars?  Because if it was… He’d be getting a beating for saying what he does – if he’d just hit my car.  I’d be highly upset!!

Anyways.  Great simple commercial for you to enjoy,

Kali Pinckney


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