— Secession Petitions — What They Really Mean


Obama has been reelected.  Everyone’s happy!  The people have spoken, right?  Wrong!  Some are not happy… Damn near HALF the country, in fact, is NOT happy right now.  But what do they do to show that they are not happy?  Do they sit in their homes, wallow, and complain?  Do they merely accept it and just move on?  No!  Many people choose to voice their opinions by signing petitions to say they want their states to “peacefully” secede from the US.  Obviously, there will NEVER be peaceful secession in America’s future…

But, PROMPTLY, the experts and political pundits (and nearly EVERY Democrat) came out of the woodwork to proclaim that the idea is “ridiculous”… that it’s “stupid”… and the people involved “are idiots”.  They state that all of these petitions are a “waste of time”.  A few suggest that these people should be kicked out of the country and have their citizenship revoked (good luck with that) for daring to speak of secession and to even speak against their sacred government.  Well, OK..

But lets look at it a little bit deeper.

Obviously, the vast majority of these people do NOT want to actually secede from the United States.  Many are Veterans, Many are Patriots, Others are Libertarians, Some are likely Constitutionalists and so it would be disrespectful to somehow call them crazy or somehow inferior Americans. Right?

What they want, is to voice their displeasure with the FEDERAL government.  Whether it be due to taxes, or corrupt government, they feel strong enough to register to a US White House web page merely to let their feelings be known.  Although nearly Every state has people signing these petitions, Texas of course, leads the way with nearly 105,000 people signed [so far].

Despite what some choose to believe, these people are smart enough to recognize that the Federal government will NOT “allow” a secession.  But that is not the point they’re making.  What the people signing these secession petitions are doing, is something greater than merely complaining.  They are exercising their Constitutional rights. They are reminding people that there are options when showing their displeasure.  In most of these petitions, they ask for “peacefully” being allowed to secede.  They are not hostile, or threatening.  They’re not closing down streets, shooting at people, assaulting politicians.  They are petitioning.

Currently, there are about 710,000 CITIZENS on all of these petitions.  Using one’s individual Freedoms Of Speech or Freedom Of Expression to sign a petition is their right.  Those who attack other citizens for signing such petitions should be extremely careful and tread lightly.  These petitions mean that many Americans are currently, and overtly willing to tell government (much as early American Revolutionaries did) what they think of the Government.  They are asking for Peaceful secession now in order to make a point, but as in all revolutions, the next option is civil disobedience (like Occupy Wall Street), then civil conflict, and then revolution.  None of us want any of that.  Right?

The irony of it all… is that on the White House web page that hosts these petitions, has “WE The PEOPLE” emblazoned across the top along with, “YOUR VOICE IN OUR GOVERNMENT“.

Kali Pinckney


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