— Singing For A Leader / President

Have YOU seen the “Future Children Project?”  (from LiveLeak)

It disappoints me — and Kinda Freaks me out a tad — when I see anyone singing music to another living individual, especially if those singers are children.  It’s the one thing every Dictator has done for himself.  What this has to mean… is that Propaganda is afoot.  Children don’t write songs for “leaders”.  It’s obviously adults who wrote and put their kids in a position to sing AND/OR pay tribute to a leader.  This is the kind of shit (‘scuse my language) that people like Saddam, Kim Jung Un (or any other North Korean Leader) Stalin, Lenin, Ceausescu,  or Hitler do.

And the words are ALWAYS the same…  they have statements about; “our savior”, “brave new world”, “he will save us”, and “put your faith into him”.  And they always have the individuals name in the song as though they are chanting it. They are predictable… because, well its Propaganda.  Here’s another example:

Now whether you like the guy being sung about or not, you should always be weary of the motivations in why someone is being sung about.  What could possibly account for singing about U.S. Presidents.  George Washington was a great man, but no one’s singing songs about him.  President Lincoln, the same.  What about Ghandi?  Martin Luther King Jr?  Nope!  Why?  We don’t sing songs about Presidents because we understand… that they are just MEN, who happen to lead the U.S. Government (not the individual American).  We sing about ideals (freedom, liberty, struggle), because they are universal ideals.  Presidents are NOT sacred!

So how about this?  In the future, lets just leave this practice of singing about living men to cult leaders, tyrants, and dictators.

Kali Pinckney

*** The First Video from the “Future Children Project” is being purged from the Net, It has been nearly deleted from Public View on ALL OF YOUTUBE.  I’ve Never Seen anything like it… Thank you LiveLeak for not allowing it to be hidden forever. No one likes censorship…

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