— “Asking” The Rich To Pay More In Taxes

I always find it fascinating when people (mostly Democrats) suggest that they are going to “Ask” the rich to pay more in taxes.   Awww yes, It sounds so sweet and peaceful doesn’t it?  It almost sounds as though the government is going to ask those individuals if their money could be taken voluntarily. The government is suggesting that those rich people are going to pay more taxes BECAUSE they’ve been asked so nicely by the government to do so… and that they will do it, all out of the goodness of their hearts…. BUT NO!

When did my money become your fair share??

What government means when they say they are going to “ASK” the wealthy to pay more is that; Congressional Representatives and Senators will get together and negotiate a Bill. They will give each other elaborate benefits, funding, and taxpayer money, to take back to their districts to spend on local projects. Once there is enough signatures in both houses, they will pass the bloated bill on to the President. It will be signed by the President amongst great fanfare, lots of cliched words, and of course, lots of news cameras, and…. taxes will be raised.

Notice that nowhere in that chain of events was anyone “ASKED” to pay more. It’s almost like taxation without representation.

Government will take more money from those who have actually earned some money in order to spend on projects of its own choosing. The worst part of it all is the Politicians/Government not being open and transparent. Instead of telling the truth, they manipulate their words to suggest that they are doing anything other than using the force of government to seize the property of its citizens. If you have any doubt that this is not “ASKING”, consider what happens if someone were to say No!  If you were asked to donate your money, you could say no!  If you were asked to volunteer your time and efforts, you could say no!  NOW, ON THE OTHER HAND; If you were threatened by someone who had guns pointed at you, you would give them your money. If government raises your taxes, you pay (until you’ve had enough and are willing to fight about it).

Just One Question For You?? Have You Ever Heard Anyone Call The Government Greedy? Why Not?

We all (presumably) would like to be lucky enough to be rich, but one thing certain, is that government taking money of citizens can NOT lead to anything positive.  This sort of Taxation is NOT voluntary, and government is NOT “ASKING”.  It is telling you that you will pay what they dictate.

Kali Pinckney


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