— The NEXT American Revolution — There’s No Need To Fear It!

I keep hearing those, many of whom I consider(ed) intelligent, thinking, and informed people, say silly things.  One of those silly things concerns the future of the United States.  They proclaim: “Ohh, We’ll never have a revolution!”  Now, despite the fact that one should Never say “Never”, I find it fascinating that they may actually believe that statement.  I won’t discuss the fact that they seem to forget that we’ve already had a Revolution (or two) in this country; on some of the same land they currently live.  But what’s worse is that those smart people — as smart people always have been — apparently do not understand human nature as well as they believe they do.  History is laced with cases of “smart people” leading their countries into turmoil through their faulty ideology.  They mistakenly believe that government can make (coerce/force) people do what those smart few want, despite the wants of others.  A prime example of this would be the current Contraception Mandate.  Imagine a (ANY) government telling a church that they must pay for something that they, as a religion do not believe in.  “Who cares if a person’s God disagrees, the Government wants you to….”

Revolutions Happen

Now, this writing is NOT about wanting, dreaming of, wishing, nor hoping for a Revolution, but an acknowledgement of fact.  That fact is that Revolutions Happen!  To say that the US will NEVER have another revolution is a ridiculous statement that ignores nearly all civilizations’ that have taken part in our collective human history.  The UNDENIABLE FACT that one must ignore if one chooses to believe the US will not have another revolution is the fact that there are no other countries on the planet that have only had one government since their birth.  The reasons for historic revolutions vary widely, but what is ALWAYS in the forefront is that every overthrown government (1) grew in size, and then (2) grew corrupt.

Observers often suggest that “Washington D.C. is Broken!”  The truth however, is that it is NOT “Broken”.  Washington D.C. is CORRUPT!  Despite the declarations of some of its politicians, it does NOT want to downsize, it does NOT want to clean itself up, it does NOT want to stop spending, it does NOT want an audit, it does NOT want to be challenged, it does NOT want to prove its value, it does NOT want to find out how much land/resources it owns, it will NOT accept that “Taxing” equates to using force to take money, and it does NOT want the citizenry to know what it is doing.  The US Federal Government is beyond repair because a large percentage of those whom administer government are corrupted.  They benefit from the current system greater than they would benefit in a non-corrupt system.  This is why it is not a coincidence that  7 of the Top 10 Richest Counties in the United States are in the Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C. Metropolitan area.

The truth is that all men having power ought to be mistrusted. – James Madison

Governmental corruption will always lead to fundamental distrust between those who govern and those whom are governed.   The byproduct of this distrust is the natural human urge to get away from their governor and eventually to ignore, organize against, and fight those who have influence over their lives.  Revolutions do indeed happen; and revolutions happen regularly.

The Magic 9%

These same “brilliant” people who do not believe that there will be another revolution will always remind you that you can NEVER get 100% of the American people to stand up to the government.  But again, they ignore (or do not know) history.  It is never 100% of a given population who start a revolution, it is always a few people in a society who “spark” revolutions.  After that spark, a kingdom, country, or society, attempts to control those few; only to find that it can only control those few by applying rules and laws to EVERYONE.  Inevitably, they invite anger and further distrust from those who were not involved with their initial spark overreaction.  Governments always learn that they are powerless to force a relatively small group of people to comply after those few decide they will not comply.  Government can talk or it can fight.  It usually chooses to fight [so as to send a message to others who may fight as well].  As in ALL Revolutions, — some will support the King, — some will defend the King, and — some will protect the ideals of the Kingdom.  But others will support the Revolutionaries, support the idea of the revolution, and a dedicated few, will — be Revolutionaries.

Governments have little prospect of surviving once 9% of a given population decide they no longer are willing to be governed.  As an example, the US population is around 310 million people.  9% of which would equate to around 28 Million people.  Compared to (an over-estimated) 1.5 million US police, 5 million-person active/reserve/guard military personnel, the government would be stretched far too thin to force compliance across the nation.  Those 9% will grow in size until government attempts to utilize actual force to achieve compliance.  The US Government’s problem is that it will attempt to forcefully coerce a population that the UN declares, The Most Heavily Armed Population on the Planet, and they will learn that policing agencies stand little chance of winning such an armed conflict.  Most Police departments in the country average 10-24 police officers (according to the DOJ).  If, in the course of forcing compliance, those Police (whom live in the communities they “defend”) departments lose 1/3rd of their officers per year, that Department will recognize quickly that they cannot win, and their lives will be in danger by merely attempting to force compliance.  Pitting Law Enforcement against Revolutionaries will end the way it always does; The police will lose!

Currently, the US population ALLOWS itself to be governed.  If this Consent Of The Governed Is Removed, the US Government becomes as useless as the British Government was during the American Revolutionary War.  It becomes the enemy to those who will fight it.

The “When”

No one can know when or what will spark a Revolution, but there are some factors likely.  The US will go into revolution at the exact moment the people who actually pay taxes to the Federal Government choose not to pay any longer.  In the case of taxes, fewer than 50% of the American people actually pay; and the remainder believe those who pay should pay even more (of their fair share).  The Greeks, The Romans, The Ottoman’s, and Even the British empires began to falter and fail when those governments spent their citizens money at a rate more than they collected.  As governments grow, they consume more and more wealth from their people.  This is compounded with the fact that governments use force when people do not agree with them (like a bully does).

Few people want more government intervention in their lives (lets not even speak of the IRS) and recognize that there has NEVER been a revolution when the people govern themselves and can exert they’re individual rights over a government (which was the American experiment).  Obviously, we’re not there anymore.  The Federal government believes that it shall (or can) legally determine what’s fair, who should pay for whom, that Government should (or can) take money from some to benefit others.  The worst affront to freedom and the individual is that it can force people to buy products when individuals do not want them (Obamacare).  These are not ideals of freedom.  These are the application of government force that leads people to despise and distrust government.  When people distrust and despise enough… The environment becomes combustible, and is ripe for the “spark” that inevitably comes.

The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not. – Thomas Jefferson

Will Revolution Be The End Of The World?

NO!  It will not be the end of the world if the US goes into another revolution!  (Obviously, a silly statement) It’ll only be the end of yet another government in world history!  Despite what many politicians suggest; government IS NOT sacred.   The Country WILL NOT fall apart.  There will still be cars and gasoline, there will still be food and supermarkets, there will still be electricity, there will still be TV, and there will still be Internet.  Just as the government didn’t create any of these items, these items will not die the moment the US government goes away.  There will still be schools, medical facilities, police, and farms.  There will also be people attempting to sell their products to others.  Capitalism won’t die… Merely Federal Government will.  Those who produce now, will produce later.

It’s easy to suggest that the government MUST be in charge of things to ensure life is stable (so ‘sayeth the politician), but for the average household, a lack of a Federal Government would mean very little — as most do not benefit from Federal activities.  There was life when there were no governments, and there would be life even if all of the world’s governments were to collapse.  WHEN (not “IF”) the Federal Government collapses, there will still be functioning local and State governments.  State governments will move back to their proper 10th Amendment prominence.  It’s obvious, but still worth noting that despite all of the governments that have collapsed up to this point in human history, not one of those failures has led to the “End Of The World”!

It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from its government. – Thomas Paine

The Positive Side

YES, there is a positive side.  An ideology cannot be merely erased (without killing off those who believe it).  From the moment the United States was born and the Constitution was written, it became a document that will survive the end of ANY American government.  It will be preserved, and Americans will resort back to it in the absence of those who pervert it.  People will determine their rights based upon this document.  All of the past centuries of case-law, environmental law, and corporate law will die away or be ignored, but the Constitution will always be a basic framework of freedom and individual rights.

Will it be hard?  For some more than others.  Should we fear it?  Absolutely NOT!  It is absolutely, irrefutably Natural that nothing lasts forever… not even the US Government!