— The Libertarian Presidential Vote — It’s That Confusing Time Again


Libertarians, We Have A Problem. 

This is the same problem that arises EVERY four years.  The question is… Should Libertarians vote for the Libertarian Candidate???  It sucks to ask the question because EVERYONE thinks that all Libertarians must think the same because they’re all robots… Well, No!  you have some libertarians who believe in Legalization of drugs… and others who think it is a State issue.  You have some Libertarians who believe Abortions for all… and others who think that even fetus’ (or is it feti) have rights.   Not all Libertarians think the same (just like Democrats, Republicans, Blacks, Whites, Asians, Hispanics, or any other group), but lets delve into this enigma that we call; Voting By Libertarians (VBL).

Libertarians are in the unfortunate quandary of having staunch principles.  Afterall, where Democrats are willing to “compromise” their ideals in order to benefit on something they desire, Libertarians ask themselves; how can you compromise your principles?  They ask, how can you compromise on Freedom of Speech?  How can you compromise your Liberty with someone who wants to take Liberty away?  The correct answer is that you should never compromise your principles — and you should NEVER compromise with anyone who wants to compromise the liberty of others.  Of course, this is why Libertarians tend to be portrayed as extreme (by Democrats).  God forbid we follow the Constitution!

Now, Libertarians recognize that we have to make a decision because if we don’t, we are, in fact, making a decision. But therein lies the rub.

The Obama Romney Dichotomy

There is a perfect Libertarian running and that is Gary Johnson.  He votes on principle and is a politician that has the record of not signing unnecessary bills, not wasting money, and not accepting that action needs to be taken by government when it infringes upon individual rights.  One can be certain that Johnson would move to dismantle Obamacare.  One can also be certain Johnson would not care too much about what the United Nations has to say and would cut back — if not gut — the money taxpayers give them.  He, no doubt, would cut nearly all Foreign Aid and most importantly, he would Audit the Federal Reserve (or appoint Ron Paul to do so).  That would be spectacular,  BUT….

The winner of the Presidency for 2012 will be either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney.  Those are the options.  And the problem some Libertarians have is that they want a Libertarian Government NOW.  But they don’t want to fight for it         [although they are correct when they say they shouldn’t have to fight for it].  They want a government that has worked as a two party system for 200 years to be Libertarian tomorrow.  But it cannot work that way (in the absence of a catastrophic civil war)!

For This Election (The Options)

For this year!  In 2012; Libertarians will have to decide and vote for someone.  Here are the four options:

(1) Vote for the Libertarian — That won’t win.  This also increases the odds that Obama MIGHT win.

(2) Vote for Obama — A Democrat that always, and on every Issue, consistently believes government can solve every problem an individual has in his own life.  That government should be the arbiter of choice, opportunity and fairness for all, despite their individual wishes, and in spite of their individual goals, abilities, and rights.  Obama despises nearly every Libertarian principle, with the possible exceptions of personal use drug “Decriminalization” (not legalization), and gay marriage (which is no government responsibility).  I’m going to assume that there are so few Libertarians that vote for Obama because it is a ridiculous premise (people who want smaller government)!

(3) Vote for Romney — The Republican that at least acts as though he understands the concerns of Libertarians.  There is a reason why Libertarians such as Ron Paul and Gary Johnson run under the Republican banner.  Because, no one doubts that Republicans Love the Constitution.  But Alas, the reason there is a Libertarian Party, and even a Tea Party, is because the Republican party continues to “Compromise” and Collude with the Democrat party and Romney will also.  But there is one thing he will likely do, is repeal Obamacare, which is a necessity for ALL who love freedom and liberty in the future.

(4) Don’t Vote — That’s your choice, great! (says the Libertarian).  As a matter of fact; I hope all people who (one) don’t care, (two) don’t pay attention, or (three) would cast a vote based merely upon a political party, Don’t Vote.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

What to do???  Vote for the individual who won’t win merely to make a point (however good), but possibly give an advantage to the candidate you DO NOT want to win, who wants a still larger government, that will take more rights and freedoms?  The Libertarian Party Motto is, “Minimum Government, Maximum Freedom“, and that will not happen with larger government.  And to top it off, the more powerful the government gets, the more difficult It will be to dismantle Democrat Party/Central Government control and to move in a Libertarian Direction.

I will not say who I’m voting for… because it’s none of your ‘bidness (for one); and (two), we all must think and decide for ourselves what are our best options.  Admittedly my decision is easier because I live in a state that will NOT be going for Obama and thus, gives me a buffer to vote my Libertarian conscience.  But you Libertarians in other states have quite the decision to make.

Choose wisely!


Kali Pinckney


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  1. trutherator says:

    Gary Johnson wasn’t exactly a “perfect” candidate. He was the best of the ones actually on the ballot, since Ron Paul wasn’t, but I think it was Lew Rockwell who interviewed him, and it seems he’s libertarian with some kind of modifier, and doesn’t seem to buy into the complete picture or understand it too well. Like he’d keep maybe some troops overseas, and his approach to the federal government would be to make sure Americans are getting their money’s worth from it, instead of viewing it not being worth it no matter the price.

    That’s not very “libertarian” at all, as most libertarians understand it.

    Other than that, your comments are pretty much faithful to reality.

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