— Lara Logan — The War Against Islamic Fundamentalism

Obviously, Lara Logan is a great Journalist.  Despite working for what many believe to be a liberal network (not my words), she has put it out there with one speech to the Better Government Association.  She lays out some knowledge and perspective only a person who has been covering the topic for years can provide.  As a journalist, she has done things that our government cannot propose to accomplish (such as learn and talk directly to those fighting US Forces; you think they would listen to her… but no, they won’t.  But when she has the stage, she has lived this world for years and she knows her stuff.  This video is kinda long at 20 minutes, but well worth a view.  I assure you, you’ll learn something.

What makes her words interesting and valid, is that she actually has knowledge and experience that many of our government “Professional” or “experts” don’t have.  She has put it out there, and obviously, she has paid some costs that no one should.  After listening to her words, who do you believe to be an expert on this topic.  Someone who’s willing to put their life on the line, or someone like… Joe Biden (who is considered to be an expert on Foreign affairs)??

Kali Pinckney


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  1. Brian Smith says:

    Thanks for posting. Great content, btw.

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