— Rodriguez — The Singer No One Knew, Except South Africa!

Have you ever awaken to the realization that there was a spectacular singer out there that you never knew about, and that is everything you dig about singer/songwriters? If so, here goes another one for you.

Rodriquez!  He was a singer who put out two American recordings back in the 1970’s that are just now coming into the fray in America but the thing is, he was hot-poop in South Africa.  His music led the Apartheid movement and is apparently more popular — in South Africa — than Elvis.

60 Minutes filmed a segment about his story and I’m sure that every music-lover out there was practically astounded that they hadn’t heard about him, or at least his 2 recordings, Cold Fact and Coming From Reality.

Not only is it an astounding piece of life, but it is a touching story.  I’m waiting for the documentary to hit Netflix.

Kali Pinckney


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