— Paul Van Dyk — I Don’t Deserve You — Music Video


Alright, After living in Europe, it became apparent to me that I had a place in my heart for Electronic (Dance, Techno, and House) music.  I dig it just as I do blues, soul, old-school rap, folk, or rock.  Once you give it a chance, you’ll see that it fits all the tenants of any other music that meets convention and the 4-count format.

There’s a type of DJ that we call a “Superstar DJ’s”.  They are the producers and creative powerhouses of the most popular Electronic music.  Paul Van Dyk is one of them (and perhaps the first).  They command crowds as large as any Rock Band. They have residency in the biggest Night clubs and travel around the world just for a gig.  They make millions, and they work with the best artists from around the world.  Paul Van Dyk hit the scene and quickly became a multimillionaire.  He’s a German, but steadily gained prominence throughout Europe, and thus, the world (concerning electronic music).  He’s been titles as the World’s Best DJ twice.  he is a powerhouse!

He just came out with a new song called “I Don’t Deserve You”.  It’s done in collaboration with vocalist Plumb (whom I’ve never heard of).  It’s from his 2012 CD release, “Evolution”.  The (slow version) video of the song is simple, but still kinda cool, What do you think?

Kali Pinckney


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