— Clint Eastwood, The Empty Chair, and The Secret Service


Ever since Clint Eastwood got on that stage and made fun of President Obama, others have been making fun of empty chairs.  But, what’s even more funny is that all kinds of people are actually getting upset by it.  Obviously, it’s Obama Supporters.  For some reason they find it offensive that someone is talking negatively about the President and not giving him the respect the office “deserves”.

There was the hanging chair (that some claimed is racist).  There was the Blackhawk chair (that some others claimed was racist).  And there was the waterboarding chair (that no one thought that was racist, but mean).  The worse part about it is that the SECRET SERVICE has actually been called to investigate some of the individuals, specifically the guys who hung empty chair on their own property [CLICK HERE OR HERE].

It’s dangerous, I tell you!  There have been, like, 7 incidents (out of 300 million people).  Obviously they pose a threat to the President. Right?  WRONG!  It is Freedom Of Speech.  It’s also ironic that the people who think this is bad and are complaining, are the same people who thought a movie about assassinating the previous President was OK.  It is hypocrisy at its dirty best.  But the chair conspiracy apparently goes deeper!

I wonder what the Secret Service will do to the person who made that???

Kali Pinckney


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