— Polygamy Porter — Good Beer, Great Name

Happened to try this nice little beer.  Now, the beer itself was well… alright!  It was good.  Not the most complex beer if you ask me but.. It was good!  But what made it so much fun to drink was that it is called Polygamy Porter.  It is such a hilarious theme, that it makes you want to buy it.  So, I bought it.  Come to learn; Wasatch Brew Pub that has been around since 1986 from Park City, Utah (which makes the polygamy reference that much more fitting).

The label is full of art that could be (and probably is) from some famous romance era painting, but without a doubt, the best part of the beer decal is the “Why Have Just One” reference.

If you get the chance, check it out!

— Kali Pinckney


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