— Arrest In Los Angeles — And The Charges Against The Police??

Now, we all want people to be safe and we all want police to be safe.  But here’s the thing.  Behavior such as this by those representing government can NEVER be acceptable.  Even if she was back talking them and calling the cops’ sacred mama’s names; she was handcuffed and fully under control.  There was absolutely reason to slam her into the ground as they did.

But what happens now?

If one guy did this to another guy in a park, business, or on a random street; this would be considered an attack and the person who slammed another person to the concrete would be charged with Battery.  Are we really to accept, that if a Police Officer does this, it shouldn’t be considered an attack and the police officer shouldn’t be charged with Battery?  Is that reasonable by any measure?  Not only should we consider it as Battery, but it should be considered a special circumstance that the individual conducting the attack had governmental power over the individual they assaulted.

Obviously, the police unions don’t want such accountability, because they feel they need protection… but No!  If you commit a crime, you commit a crime. The fact that you represent government should mean jack crap!  These police should be fighting to stay out of jail for their CRIME!

They obviously know they were doing the wrong thing and if the news media was right in front of them, they would’ve have recognized that it was unnecessary and they absolutely WOULD NOT have done it.  We’re just lucky there was a video camera around, or there would be no evidence of their crime!

What tough hero’s they are?!?!  Many police are great people, whom work hard, but obviously, NOT all are.  Do we accept this?

Kali Pinckney


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