— Hell On Wheels — AMC Does It Again


I’m a HUGE fan of the show Breaking Bad.  The writing, the cinematography (yes a TV show can have it), and the acting make it a powerhouse of a show.  Now there is another show on TV that rivals Breaking Bad and that is Hell On Wheels.

The show follows Cullen Bohannon as he hunts down the killers of his wife and son (and his former-slaves).  He is a farmer and an ex-confederate soldier.  He ends up working his way west on his quest for revenge with the railroad.  Mayhem ensues as he catches up to anyone associated with the death of his family.  The viewer meets a cast of characters which has become an expectation of the American Movie Classics channel.  “AMC” weaves a storyline that NEARLY rivals the twists and turns of Breaking Bad, but they do it in a historically accurate way.  When I say historically accurate, I mean from the clothing, the trains (which I have no idea how they managed), and even the storyline.   This story of Hells On Wheels cannot be told in any other setting of humanity.  It is literally ultra-unique to American History and the period when the west was being born, its relationship with the Indian Nations, western technology, post-slavery, the gun, and the Wild West.  It is like a perfect storm of clashes and contradictions between races and individuals alike.

I don’t really know where Hell On Wheels came, and I’m just catching the first season on Netflix, while the second season is on TV.  But it is well worth a look-see.

Kali Pinckney


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