— Lance Armstrong — Who The Hell Is The US Anti-Doping Agency Anyway

Lance Armstrong has reached his breaking point.  After nearly a decade of trying to bust him for “doping”, he’s giving up his fight.  He’s just realized what many of us have already realized.  That someone wants his scalp and that they want to destroy him.  I say “they”, because there’s no real evidence that he’s been doping.  Although, many of us wonder how ANY man can win a race like the Tour De France 7 times.  We may have our beliefs, but we recognize that we have no proof.

The troubling part is that it’s NOT like Anti-Doping rules follow a hard protocol or set of laws.  They seemingly make up the rules as they go.  If you do something that’s NOT illegal this year  and 3 years from now, a random agency can suggest that what you did in the past was illegal, then why have rules?  Why have a competition?  The rules are the rules and should not be subject to whim (They should be written for all to see).  If there are rules, banned health products, illegal techniques (such as transfusing your own blood into your own body) and these rules are known, published, and broken; then great.  A person who breaks the rules, has broken the rules and should be punished.  Now, If you can’t prove that someone broke a rule; then obviously, you treat it as though they are innocent.  Or else, you’re making an allegation that cannot be proven.  If you cannot scientifically prove that someone did something wrong, then you have nothing to pursue them over.

In the real world, what is happening to Armstrong is akin to accusing someone of a crime and , throwing him in jail, or worse; lynching him,without any evidence!  He cannot defend himself because there is NO evidence to defend against.  It is a Witch Hunt to the standards of the Salem Witch Hunts themselves [Seriously].  The US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) is hunting for a witch and they’ve found one.  And he rides a bike instead of a broom.

One thing is certain and irrefutable; Lance Armstrong has taken over 500 drug tests since he’s been riding at cycling’s top levels (25 years).  Another irrefutable fact is that, he’s never once tested positive !  If anyone believes that it has been too easy to beat the drug test, then it is up to those who work in the drug testing world to figure out how to find a better testing process.

It’s unfortunate that Armstrong has given up his fight because he has had his Tour De France wins taken away (By the USADA; do they even have the power to do that???) and many observers will now think that because he gave up, that he is admitting guilt.  Now, the World Cycling body is going to disregard their own testing protocols and use the testimony of other cyclists in lieu of actual evidence.  Who can fight against that?  Do we really have to look at the win records and say that Armstrong didn’t actually win (with NO evidence).  Are cycling fans of the future going to accept that he didn’t win, despite the fact that no one has provided proof that he actually cheated?  This is Bullshit and everyone knows it.

Who really cares what some US Anti-Doping Agency says when they have no evidence?  What this is, is a witch hunt.  Since they cannot find proof — after years of testing, suggestions, innuendo, they’ve decided that they’ll keep on fighting with testimony of many who’ve actually been busted doping.  But why?

I’d venture to say that it is because an insignificant Anti-Doping Agency needs some big victories to garner the respect of the Doping community.  As always, follow the money.  You’ll find the US Anti-Doping agency is NOT a government agency.  They are in fact, a non-profit agency, yet, they are partially funded by the US Government, If they cannot find a value in themselves, they get defunded.  And by spending the money of others, they can afford to fight indefinately.

Kali Pinckney

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