— Why Did She Name It — Atlas Shrugged??

Well, obviously Atlas Shrugged is an Amazing book but, if you haven’t read it, you may wonder just why is it called Atlas Shrugged?

Well, in mythology Atlas was a Titan who battled the Olympians.  After the Titans lost, Atlas was punished.  His punishment was to hold up the sky away from the earth. Somewhere along time, someone, interpreted mythology as Atlas holding up the earth…  But it matters not.  The title, Atlas Shrugged, comes from a conversation in Ayn Rand’s book where Francisco d’Anconia and Hank Reardon are having a discussion and d’Anconia asks Reardon:

“If you saw Atlas — the giant who holds the world on his shoulders — If you saw that he stood, blood running down his chest, his knees buckling, his arms trembling, but still trying to hold the world aloft with the last of his strength.  And the greater his effort, the heavier the world bore down upon his shoulders, what would you tell him to do?”

In the book, Reardon is taken aback and says that he doesn’t know and throws the question back to d’Anconia asking him what he would tell Atlas to do; d’Anconia of course announces that he would tell Atlas:

“To Shrug!”

If you haven’t read the book, the theme is; What if those successful few who worked hard to produce products and develop ideas were forced to pay more and more for those who

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did not produce and were not successful, and went on strike?

It’s worth thinking about.  What if you worked hard, spent long hours on your goals and because of your hard work, you became successful?  Do you think, that you should have to pay for those who were not doing anything but wanted free stuff.  Should you be penalized merely because you had the money to pay when others did not?  What would you do if your best virtues (hard work, creative thinking, ability to follow through) were looked at as bad characteristics by the very people who benefited from your labor (money, products, business)?  What would you do? Work for the benefit of others because they want your money? Or stop working because others keep taking your money?


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  1. Deb robinson says:

    Well, that’s a very simplistic philosophy. When one works very hard and creates, in turn producing products for all to enjoy… Hmmm, doesn’t those creators/industrialists need folks to work hard to manufacture, sale, and serve up those products to the masses? There has to be a very large group of worker-bees… right? These worker-bees are not going to get rich; depending on their position, they my be middle class, they may be working class or down right poor. The latter would be just about every person working a minimum wage job for corporate American, or working for the government in low wage paying jobs. The poor need to be supported by another family member/spouse who may or may not have a decent paying job. With that said, I have heard the argument that these working class and poor people should be motivated to get more education to move up the food chain. First, what if they are not as smart as you? Second, those jobs will always exist – somebody has to do the work. There are other facts, but you get the picture. Thus, in American today, we have a small group of folks flush with money, and a middle class whose standard of living is declining, and a “not acceptable” number of people who are down right poor.” Corporations, small business owners, and the U.S. government need to pay their employees a fair living wage. This would generate more consumers with discretionary funds to spend more into our economy. If prices go up a bit (and that’s all they should, unless price gauging is happening), so be it. I think we all will survive in this materialistic society we live in.

    1. Kali says:

      No!!! I appreciate your comment, but I’d say your comment is way-off. What you’re suggesting is that we should have more of an equal OUTCOME in life. But there is no promise of that, that can EVER be achieved; afterall, it didn’t even work in Communism where government actually had the ability to give everyone jobs and determine how much they made, right?. Ayn Rand’s point is that giving people things for Altruistic ideals will not work. Another way I say it is that; We should strive for equality of OPPORTUNITY, not equality of OUTCOME.

      You ask, what if someone is “not as smart as you?”… But, there has never been such a force that can equalize all people to make them as smart, pretty, or happy, as other people. That is not something you can STRIVE to achieve because it is not something anyone can control (not even government). So what would you do?? Punish only the people who are more smart, pretty, happy, or whatever??? Do you really propose forcefully taking money from some (or making others less pretty) because they are successful (or more pretty)?

      You’ve made some statements about how there are some people who are flush with money and others are down right poor. That’s true! but, again, that will ALWAYS be the case! Who are you asking to determine what’s rich enough? Who do you suggest balance the distribution of money that individual’s have? How do you fix a situation when no laws are broken? Do you propose making laws that limit how smart, or rich, someone may be?

      I’ve read your notes on corporations, the poor, government, a living wage (a term best left for the young, naive, or socialist), and business owners and I’m at a sad loss to hear you MAY believe it… but here’s why. To believe as you believe, means that you believe that America is a Zero Sum economy. That if someone gets richer, someone else gets poorer. That if someone earns a $, that someone else looses a $. And that is a trap, and an error. A finite budget (pie graph) is what you or I use in our personal budgets, but that is not how an Economy works.

      As an example, Bill Gates became the richest man in the world by creating something new (growing the size of the pie). He created something that was not there before. His getting richer, did NOT cause anyone else to get poor. In fact, he made his employees money, and made people who used/use his product more effective and perhaps richer. You can extend that to say, his employees, bought products and services and helped make business owners rich as well.

      Your Utopia is not for this world! I’d hope you take the time to read Atlas Shrugged though. It may change your life (or at least change your perspective) a little bit.

      Thank You for responding. I love to hear what people think.

      I’m going to post a link for a video for you to think about. I hope you watch the entire thing. Keep an open mind and let me know what you think:

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