— Red Hot Chili Peppers — Brendan’s Death Song

I dig the Chili Peppers and I always will.  Somehow a song slipped by and I hadn’t seen it until today.  But here it goes.  It’s called Brendan’s Death Song.  Apparently, one of their buddies died and they wrote a song in his honor.  It’s got the wind up that I love about the Chili Peppers and ends in a faster, louder song.  You can almost hear the feeling in the writing.  Check it out:

[Sorry if there’s a commercial; I didn’t do it!]

But, Brendan must’ve been a cool Cat to get a song written about him.  What do you think?  It’s from their release, I’m With You (which I must admit that I do not have yet).  But I did just buy and download this song..

Kali Pinckney


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