— Way Back When — The Democrats And Republicans


Remember back in the Day when the Democrat Party was crazy and hated everyone and they always tried to divide people into groups and called them all names.. OK, they still do that, but… Now they want support of all of those same groups.

What Do They Say (from the left to the right)

(man 1) “The first thing we want is a law making the use of Tobacco, animal feed, and lager bier a capital crime.”

(woman with hat) “We demand, first of all; the recognition of a woman as the equal of a man with the right to vote and hold office.”

(bum dude) “An equal division of property, that is what I go in for.”

(lady in dress) “Col., I wish to invite you to the next meeting of our free love association, where the shackles of marriage are not tolerated & perfect freedom exist(s) in love matters and you will, be sure to enjoy yourself.  For we are all Freemounters.”

(clergy guy) “We look to you Sir to place the power of the Pope on a firm-footing in this country.”

(black man) “De Poppylation of color comes in first arter dat, you may do wot you pleases.”

What does He say Back

(candidate) “You shall all have what you desire and be sure that the glorious Principles of Popery, Fourierism, Free Love, Womans rights, The Maine Law labors all the Equality of our Colored bretheren, shall be maintained.  If I get into the Presidential Chair.”


What I find interesting is that all of these groups represented — and which the Dems accused the Repubs of the day of supporting — are, with the exception of religious groups, supported by the modern Democrat party.  The Dems are interested in banning Tobacco and other private consumptive products.  They claim to stand for womans rights, and the poor.  They do not support traditional marriage, and they claim to have a monopoly on all things racial.

Funny how times change.

Kali Pinckney

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