— Two Presidents, Two Quotes

Yea.. Crazy how two people can have the same job but see things sooo very different.  One of these Presidents sees government as the answer to problems that Americans may face and an all around positive force in life.  The other President see’s government as a possible threat to freedoms that Americans have.  One shows shock that Citizens may not trust government, while the other hopes that they will always resist government.

Now, the thing is that Obama says a bunch with this quote.  He’s got TWO problems with the way he sees government role as.  (ONE) He sees government in, what can be described as, a parental role.  You can even take his quote and replace it with a parents role.  As an example,

… If a child cannot trust his parents to do the job for which they exist – to protect them and to promote their welfare – all else is lost.”

But government is NOT a parent.  It’s more inclined to be a boss [as in Mobster Boss].  (TWO) Obama should also recognize that government’s protective role is actually to protect individual rights (as in… The Bill Of Rights and that pesky Constitution all Presidents take a oath to protect).   As individual rights are taken away, Jefferson’s words become that much more pressing.  Especially in a country full of rebels.  Americans will ALWAYS rebel… Just because! 

Which quote do you choose to live by?  Do you think Government is there to help YOU?  Or do you think you should be weary of Government?

Kali Pinckney


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