— Ken Block — Gymkhana in San Francisco

Now, I’m a huge fan of cars and there’s one dude that ALWAYS amazes me and that’s Ken Block.  He’s a rally car driver and if you don’t understand what Rally racing is… well you must be American (not that there’s anything wrong with that).  I’m just saying that because Rally racing is a worldwide sport.  They race in South America, Africa, Australia, Western and Eastern Europe; basically… World wide!  You’ve seen it!  It’s where you have those cars racing down the unpaved roads with people standing on both sides of the street with nothing between them and a 70 Mile Per Hour car except their cajones (balls).

Ken Block is awesome because he’ll take that car everywhere that rally cars probably don’t belong… And he films it and calls it Gymkhana!  This one is in San Francisco, the Ultimate Urban Playground.

YEA!  it was just that awesome!  You actually saw that!  Car control that only a rally driver can manage.  I just don’t know how he can afford San Fran…  I know DC Shoes is making some money but Damn!!

Kali Pinckney


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