— Trampled By Turtles — Wait So Long

One of my buddies turned me on to this band called Trampled By Turtles (which is a hilarious name of a band).  He described them as playing “American Music” and I kinda take the mindset that just about every kind of rock, grunge, garage, and all of their derivatives as American.  But Trampled By Turtles is American music for sure.  You know how I know?? Because they have a banjo AND a fiddle dude!  Seriously, only Blues, Jazz, Zydeco, Country, Western, and that kind of music they play in the backwoods of Alabama use a banjo / fiddle combination and therefore…. TBT is American music!  Check out their song Wait So Long:

Now, As I’ve said, I’ve just been turned on to them but it looks like they’ve been around a long time.  They’ve got 8 CDs and numerous videos.   TBT are a “real” band in that they actually tour, and tour internationally.  They are most definitely unique and I hope you found them worthy of a listen.  For more information on them, go check out their website at www.trampledbyturtles.com.

Also go check out their cover of Where Is My Mind by the Pixies.  It’s on par with James Blunt’s version.

— Kali Pinckney


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