— Nigel Farage At The European Union — Again


Now, you know I think Nigel Farage is the best politician ever (living anyway).  He is a Libertarian which is something in itself, but he works in a group filled by European Socialists (that is the EU).  Specifically he’s slapping Barosso and Van Rompuy.  But here he is again giving the EU the what-for!  There’s not much more anyone can say to intro him because his words speak for themselves.

How can you NOT like what he’s got going on.  He’s always got a good set of points to make.   Here’s some more about him:

[Barosso And Farage]

[At It Again; Making Sense]

[More Wisdom From Farage]

[My Favorite Euroskeptic]


Kali Pinckney


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