— Obamacare, Freedom, And A Bit Of Judge Napolitano

Congratulations Everyone (Or at least Americans),  I was just down at the Hotel bar when a guy came in and ordered up a drink.  He turned to his buddies, raised his glass and said, “Cheers Everyone, Obamacare stands!”  Everyone looked at him like who the F— is this guy and the room was eerily silent, and then he followed up with, “We’re all Slaves to Government now!”  And that’s when everyone broke out laughing.  He had me going for a moment!  and based on the way his buddies were looking at him, I thought even they were gonna beat his ass.  That’s how angry people are.  And people keep saying that “slave” comment.  I am taking credit for everyone who says it.

Now, yesterday I wrote a post concerning one of Frederick Douglass’ quotes and it seems that’s where we’re heading.  Would YOU give up your ability to make decisions with your own money?  Would YOU trust your (or any) government to tell you how to spend your own money?  Do YOU think it’s okay to forcibly take money from anyone so you can spend that money on items you want?  You better think about those questions, because this won’t end with Obamacare.

All Obamacare has served to do is anger more than half of the country’s citizens.  And as Judge Napolitano notes in his video above, 1/3 of Americans were mad enough to kick the British Empire (the most powerful Kingdom and military) out of the US.  What do you think about the near-60% of Americans who hate Obamacare?  Do Americans find government sacred?  Its just a matter of time before “SOMETHING” happens…

Kali Pinckney

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