— 2012 Presidential Predictions — I’m Making One Also!


I hate how everyone thinks that anyone cares what their 2012 Presidential Election Predictions are.  I hate it, and yet, I’m still gonna do it!  It always seems to be a guess, and no one ever seems to have predicted it right.  So since no “professionals” or “pundits” are ever right with their predictions, mine will fit right in.  According to me:

Romney Wins!

Yes, I know some of you hate that prediction… but well, who cares what you think!  I know you like your guy, you think your Dear Leader is the best thing since pecan pie, but no one on earth is sacred.  He’s just a Guy! Relax!

There are a few interesting items that are counter history and perhaps odd, but in the end:  Its all a prediction.  Note that I predict New Hampshire, Colorado, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Virginia will go to Romney.  Hmmm!  Pure guessing, but I think people are just pissed off with the current crop and don’t want to deal with these people anymore.

Now, As a Libertarian, I tend to think both of the current parties are roads that lead to the same destination (ahh, that was poetic) and I’m not a fan of either guy.  This will either be close (as above), or it will be a bloodbath in favor of Romney.  Why, because we all (OK, most of us) hate government; Hell, If I didn’t have to deal with Federal government all year, I wouldn’t miss them one bit; and Obama wants a bigger one.  That’s his problem!  November can not come soon enough.

With all this said, I predicted the last Presidential election absolutely wrong so hey, What the hell do I know?!?!

Kali Pinckney


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