— Barosso and Farage — What Side Do You Choose?


Okay, listen to the EU president Manuel Barroso blame North America for the collapse of the market and all Europe’s Problems.  Now, I don’t mind if a country believes what they want to believe, but take responsibility.  After living in Europe for awhile I love it (especially my beloved Italy).  Even with the EU there.  Of course I had the option to run if it got too crazy.  But watch Barroso and then watch Nigel Farage discuss Barroso on Fox Business news.  Hilarity!

Who doesn’t want to get lectured by him?  You know he was a former Communist right?  And I mean a real one.  Anyways, here’s Nigel Farage talking about Barroso.  Kinda long, but well worth watching

There you go!  Who do you side with??

Kali Pinckney


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