— What do Libertarians Actually Believe — That’s About Right!!

Alright.  I’ve found the holy grail of libertarianism.  So, as a Libertarian, I sometimes have a hard time explaining to people what a Libertarian believes.  I’ve been stuck tossing people silly, specifically-vague comments such as that, “we are fiscally conservative and socially liberal”.  Of course, these comments never seem to work because for most people, conservative is a term restricted to Republicans while liberal is a term restricted for Democrats.  So check it out..

** Unfortunately, I have NO idea where the image came from. If you do, let me know and I’ll cite it..  Thanks.

Now, no Libertarian see’s all things the same, and just like other groups of individuals (I hate the term party’s), not all Libertarians see things the same.  There are Libertarians like Ron Paul.  There are others like John Stossel.  But I’d venture to say that most are like me [or I’m like them, whatever!].  There is a role for a Military (for self-defense), There is a role for Government (limited), free market does not need to be controlled (by central government), that we are free (to succeed or fail as we shall), and most importantly, that governments job is to protect individual rights (not the collective rights of all Americans… because that is socialism).

The good news is that the Libertarian party is growing.  More people in the future will be Libertarians until the Libertarian Party dislodges one of the other political parties.  Its just the way it will be.  And if you somehow think the current parties will last forever (although NOTHING lasts forever), Remember that Whig party???

**I have NO idea where the image came from


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  1. Disaffected Youth says:

    Great visual, explains a lot of the core beliefs of Libertarian’s nicely.

    I always struggle explaining myself as well, usually resorting to telling people my political ideology hails from the Jeffersonian tradition. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard “if you hate government so much why don’t you move to Somalia?”


    Libertarianism is going to be either the end to, or revival of, the GOP. They’ve just got to decide if they’re with us.

    The age of the Neo-Con is over.

    The future is coming soon.

  2. Kali says:

    Well Said. I get those people that say, “If you don’t like it, why don’t you leave”, as well and I just remind them, if people just left instead of fighting a government, We’d still be a colony! They are the true slaves to government. Sadly they fail to recognize, that one day, they will be enslaved by government. It’s happened EVERY time.

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