— Was That Explosion Actually A Police Bombing Attempt?? — Opryland

OK, We saw an explosion at the Opryland Hotel yesterday (6-19-1012).  What makes it curious is the timing of the explosion.  There were over 500 Sheriffs and other Law Enforcement attending the 2012 National Sheriff’s Association conference within the hotel’s convention center.  No one was killed or anything but the first thing I thought of [as I’m certain the attendees did as well], was whether this was some kind of intentionally planned explosion (an attack).  It should be obvious, that if you were intent on targeting Law Enforcement, this would be an opportune moment to send a message.

Now what if:  This bombing wasn’t an “accidental gas explosion”; after-all, when was the last time you’ve heard of a “Gas Explosion” at a hotel like this?  Now, the explosion occurred around 8pm, but what if the sabotage was meant to occur a couple of hours earlier in the night but gas and detonation timing wasn’t good enough because the convention area was too open for the gas to build up?  What if the floor failed dropping the ceremony occurring on the floor above the explosion failed.  What if the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) Investigators were withholding information from the public about the actual explosion details?  hmm!  Come to think about it, have you ever heard of the ATF declaring an explosion an accident so fast [what, within 3 hours?] and so matter-of-factually!  Odd!

Naw, nevermind!  Couldn’t be!

Kali Pinckney


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