— Be Careful Watching This One!! — Safe For Work P0rn — Funny

OK Look,  I post some crazy stuff just because I find it odd in someway.  This one was a tough decision for me.  Its called Safe For Work Porn..  THERE IS NO NUDITY!  But there is some awkward scenarios.  It is satire and supposed to be funny.  I’ll leave that to you, but I think it’s hilarious and every time I’ve watched it (6 times or so); I’ve laughed.  It is ridiculously funny.  [POSSIBLY in bad taste, but funny!]

It is a few years old, but I was just shown it yesterday.  The purpose for making it (by some group Diesel) was presumably so you can watch it at work… Not that you would actually try that! It’s definitely adult and the video was age restricted by Youtube so I hope you won’t be offended.

See?  Hu’uh?  What did I tell you?  Hilarious!!!

Kali Pinckney


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