— Indiana First State To Allow Shooting Of Law Enforcement Officers… — What??

My Libertarian sensibilities were screaming when I read a story this week and although it kinda came and went, I cannot forget about it.  So lets look at it:

The headlines were on newspapers across the nation and on web pages all throughout the internet.  Most had similar titles that went along the lines of, Indiana The First State To Allow Shooting Of Law Enforcement Officers.   Now, that’s a startling thing to say and obviously we all (save a few) want people to be safe.  Most of us appreciate the jobs that most cops do; hell, some of my best friends are cops!!! (True Story), but what would make anyone create a law that specifically states that anyone can shoot them?!?!

Well that’s where the real story comes out.  This law was in a direct response from an Indiana Supreme Court ruling that stated, believe it or not:

“there is no right to reasonably resist unlawful entry by police officers.”

Now!  I’m no genius but is that a crazy ruling or what?  Is that Reasonable?  I don’t care WHOM you are, if you unlawfully enter anyone’s house, you should be expecting resistance.  As a matter of principle, I’ll even suggest that if anyone enters your house illegally or (UNLAWFULLY), you SHOULD resist all of their efforts.  If anyone is expecting to enter your house, they are showing you they are willing to use force against you.  If they feel safe doing so, it means they are willing to kill you (or they know you’re unarmed)!

Now, did this law actually, allow people to shoot cops?   Depends on how you look at it I guess!  But No!   Americans always have to right to defend themselves… Even from government.  Where there was a problem, was in the attempt to tell people they don’t have the right to resist unlawful entry.  There is a natural right to self-defense, even if by police!  And with nearly 100 SWAT Team Raids per DAY in America, there are innocent people being shot, innocent people being killed, raids on the wrong house, and raids on people who are not committing crimes.  It happens all the time and should be addressed.

We ALL must understand that if it takes a law “allowing” an homeowner to protect his house from the police… so be it.  It is far better to tell people that they can protect their property from an unlawful entry (Police Officer or anyone) than to allow government to THINK it can take rights away, despite not having the consent of the governed.  That’s NOT freedom…  That’s Russia, that’s China, that’s Cuba, and that’s North Korea.  That is NOT an America where the individual has a Second Amendment or a Right To Self Defense.

But the articles… seem to be WRONG!  Surprise Surprise.  If you want to read the actual law, Read it for yourself.

Click To Read The Actual Law From Indiana’s Site.

“Who will protect the public when the police violate the law?”  —  Ramsey Clark

Kali Pinckney

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