— Bessie Coleman — First Black Female Pilot

I love finding out random bits of knowledge and I recently ran into a couple of these Bessie Coleman postcards while being a tourist at Arlington cemetery.

Now, I’ve noticed that it’s always kinda interesting to be “the first” of… well, anything!  Whether it’s the first to climb Everett or walk on the moon, the first means.. That no one thought you could do it..  Well, Bessie Coleman is one of those firsts.  She was born into a family of 13 siblings.  After becoming enthralled with the idea of flying, she left for France to learn how to fly.  She went to France because she could not find an American to teach her to fly.  After training and hitting the Air Demonstration rounds in the United States, She would become recognized as both the first Black, American, female pilot, and the first Black Internationally certified female pilot in the world.

After years of celebrity and drawing 100’s of thousands to Airshows as a Barnstorming pilot, Coleman would die after being thrown from her newly purchased Curtiss “Jenny“.  She definitely lived an amazing, albeit short, life and would die just about 6 years after learning to fly.  For more information, visit her Wiki write-up.

Kali Pinckney


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