— Walker — The Tea Party — Death Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

Welp, for a few months now, the media has been asking where the Tea Party is.  And here is Scott Walker winning another battle, being his recall assault in Wisconsin.  Many of those who attacked Walker claimed he was a puppet of the Tea Party while many within the nebulous group, generally referred to as “The Tea Party” seemed to support him both financially and ideologically.  And with his victory, it appears the death of the Tea Party has been greatly exaggerated.  Opponents of the Tea Party have done everything they can to kill them off.  They demonized them (suggesting they wanted to let poor people die), they attempted to label them as racists (by attacking them as scared, white, people), they attempted to minimize them (by NOT objectively covering them in the news), and they attempted to degrade them (by calling them rednecks and “Teabaggers”).

But look what happened yet again.  You think, they would’ve learned from the 2010 Mid-Term elections.  You think they would’ve tried to understand that it isn’t a Democrat or Republican thing but a common sense proposition that you cannot spend other people’s money with reckless abandon.  That government employees are NOT entitled to make more money (pay, benefits, and retirement) than the average citizens whom they work for and collect taxes from.  The lesson of the day is… to never attack those who want their government to be responsible in its spending.   You cannot be taken serious if you cannot concede that government spending is out of control …because EVERYONE knows it is!  The National Debt is approaching 16 Trillion smackaroos (and no one thinks that’s okay).  To that end, you cannot disparage people who merely want a smaller government!

…and one of those groups is the Tea Party!

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But the efforts of some have only served to push the Tea Party underground.  Gone are the colonial uniforms and tri-corner hats (mostly).  Gone are the large Tea Party parades or rallies.  Gone is the rage that forced people to go to townhall meetings and yell at their politicians [forcing them to stop having townhall meetings].  But now, the Tea Party fund-raises and organizes and supports some politicians to defeat the “bad” politicians in elections.  And they have a pretty impressive track record.

Whether you like it or not, the people who are standing up saying they don’t want increased taxes; that they do not want more powerful public sector unions; that the individual should not be penalized for working hard and being successful, and that government must be reminded that it cannot take away individual rights.  The Tea Party reminds government that it cannot kill an idea.  The Tea Party survives despite threats, jokes or violence.  The idea here is for small, limited government, and the independent spirit of the Tea Party (sometime Republican and usually Libertarian).  Their idea has not been killed, they will not stop, nor will they run away and hide.

It does appear that the death of the Tea Party has been greatly exaggerated.

Kali Pinckney


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