— Leaders Or Presidents

I continue to hear people say it… and it disturbs me each time it enters my ear!  What could make a man cringe as though someone screeched a chalkboard with their fingernails while standing on a screaming pig’s tail while simultaneously listening to a drunk biker cussing in front of a troop of 7 year-old girl scouts???  What is sooo horrendous?

When people refer to the President of the United States as our “Leader”.  I don’t think they quite understand what they are alluding to.  The President is not sacred, nor inherently special; and he cannot do what he wants.  He’s NOT a king or a prophet.  A President is at most… the Chief Executive for the government.  In that sense, he is the leader…of the government and those who work for the government, and the country’s military.  It is NOT appropriate to call him OUR LEADER.  He is not tasked to run the lives of the people below him.  We are free citizens, whom in a rational, law-abiding world, consent to our government’s supposedly-limited influence over our lives.

What do you think; America’s first “President”, OR its first “Leader”???

I understand and recognize that most people out there innocently use the term “leader” as a general descriptor of the position a President fills within the country; but we should be extremely CAREFUL.  It is a toxic usage of the word and it is akin to referring to “employees” of a company as mere “workers” (however harmless it may seem).  The connotation being that workers are mere laborers, while employees are a valued part of a private company.  But why would a great Communist man such as Stalin want people to be called “Workers”?   Ohhhh!  Because in his mind, everyone worked for the good of the government collectively.  Was George Washington our first “Leader”?

“Leaders” lead, and if you are not a leader, you are, by definition, a Follower!  In America, we are [presumably] free to be individuals that do not have to follow jack-shit!

In North Korea they refer to KJI as the “Dear Leader”

Just because a person is elected, does NOT make them your “leader”.  Presidents are elected to carry out the business of the government.  It is not their job to make more areas of individual lives government business.  Socialist countries have leaders that do this!  Communist countries have leaders that do that as well!  Totalitarian Countries have leaders that can tell you how to live!  Even Monarchy’s have leaders who can order “off with your head”!  Kim Jong il, Saddam Hussein, Chairman Mao, Ceausescu, Hitler, Castro, Caligula, and too many others to name were leaders.  These people told their “workers” how to live and determined how they would die (gruesomely in most cases; especially by Saddam, Hitler, and Caligula).

“Leader” is a term best reserved for Cults.  A Cult Leader can get people to dance around with Rattlesnakes, move into a “compound”, kill others, or ‘Drink The Kool-Aid like Jim Jones did in Jonestown.

918 people dead. One Cult Leader.

They do it by being a cult of personality.  People want to follow them and in turn,  they have such a vested interest that they feel the need to defend the honor of their Dear Leader.  They ignore all of the bad decisions their leader makes and then blame his failings on others.  They bestow the best of life upon the leaders’ wisdom, and blame the worst parts of their own lives on others.  They allow another man (their leader) to determine their future.  It was Ayn Rand who was quoted as saying;

“The man who lets a leader prescribe his course is a wreck being towed to the scrap heap.”

In a perfect and rational United States, No free person would WANT a “leader” determining how they will live.  No one should cede their lives and individuality to any other.  No one should get viscerally aggravated when another free person calls their favorite politician a name.  Although we all should willingly fight for our individual rights, no one should be willing to fight merely because others do not like the leader they follow, ESPECIALLY if that leader is a President.

Do YOU have a President, or a Leader???

Kali Pinckney


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