— Make Mine Freedom — Anti-Socialism Cartoon — 1948


So, you think the discussion we’re having now in the US about the role of Socialism/Communism is NEW and that it is not a battle we’ve been having for over a half century.  Welp, here’s the proof;  It was a Harding College cartoon called Make Mine Freedom.  Its pretty self explanatory.

Now, You’ve seen it.  Are there any people that this cartoon remind you of??  I don’t know, perhaps those who are blaming an “ism” such as racism.  Or those who are like Snake Oil Salesman, attempting to sell a good that fixes all the ills that they cannot fix???  Or politicians who blame Capitalism and think the rich should pay more without describing what more is??

Kinda freaky how we think we’re new and different.. only to learn that we are in fact, not!  Even more funny is that we already know how it ends.

Kali Pinckney


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