— Bette Davis Eyes — Kenneth Pattengale


As a music fan, I kinda love it all.  Everyso often you’ll hear a version of a song that you just can’t help but go,  “Daammnn” when you hear it performed.  I think I found another one of those impressive renditions.  It’s by a guy named Kenneth Pattengale.  This home-made recording of Bette Davis Eyes was brought to my attention by a buddy on the mighty FB.  I just had to post it.  Check him out:

Right??  Now it all works because of context.  He’s in a room in his house (and not a studio) and his voice and inflection sounds bang on spectacular.  His guitar playing is pretty impressive and technical.  I don’t know what his background is, or what bands he plays with (if any), but If this is what he’s got going on, he’s going places.

What do you think?

Kali Pinckney


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