— Penn Jillette On Obama’s Drug Use — Good Points!?!?


Penn Jillette has a way of thinking that you can respect.  Now he is a Libertarian for sure, but even if you are not, you have no choice but to recognize the points he’s making as legit and logically conceived.  You may not agree with him, but you can’t say he’s “wrong” because his arguments are fair and just.  Listen to him discuss Obama’s drug use.  Do you think it’s funny when Obama discusses his weed use?  Spending high school in a daze?  Doing a “little Blow”?  Blow is Cocaine by-the-way.

Isn’t it also fascinating that all of those people who used to lambaste Bush’s suspected and unconfirmed Cocaine use, say nothing about Obama’s proudly admitted “Blow use”?    Penn is a great example of a Libertarian who applies his logic and understanding of liberty and the Constitution fairly across the board. He’s not a drug (or alcohol) user and never has used those products and still stands by his Libertarian beliefs.

Now for the question of the day:

Do YOU think people should be put in Jail for victim-less crimes like Marijuana smoking?

Kali Pinckney

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