— Nigel Farage ; At It Again — Making Sense


Alright, I’m neither a “Good follower”, or a “Blind Follower”.  I take pride in my ability to logically process information other attempt to feed me.   BUT there is one dude that makes sense to me and that is Nigel Farage. As a member of UKIP, he tries to ensure that Europe and the EU cause as little damage as possible to the rights of the individual member countries.  I wrote a couple of other notes about him HERE (check it out) and HERE (check it out), but he just gets better and better:

Now, perhaps you noticed that I said that he gets “better and better”, but the truth is that his message gets more and more dire.  Unfortunately, he’s pretty logical, rational and accurate.  And now, he’s talking revolution.  Now if he was a cult leader, I’d probably be in his cult because he makes sense to me but… I hope he’s wrong (but I fear he’s right).

Kali Pinckney


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