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U.S. Troops In Neighborhood Streets Fully Armed (via The Libertarian Review)

The photo shown above was taken by a subscriber in the city of Crookston, MN from the front porch of her suburban home.  No, the men pictured aren’t from the local high school’s J.R.O.T.C squad – they are in fact trained soldiers serving in the Minnesota National Guard, Unit 2-136 CAB / B Company…



I didn’t write it, but I find it interesting.

Kali Pinckney


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  1. I too find it damn interesting. It doesn’t surprise me that the soldier asked knew nothing of the reasons the training was occurring. Better questions could have been asked, i.e. what is your objective – obviously not just out for a stroll or a quick hike. I am not a big believer in conspiracies but when you add it all up….. well. Interesting, damn interesting.

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