— Ayrton Senna Day — 18 Years Ago Today

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The First of May is an Anniversary of sorts for the Formula One community.  18 years ago at Imola, Ayrton Senna died while leading the Grand Prix Of San Marino.  I recognize this is not something most would understand or care about, but to understand, you have to understand that Ayrton Senna was one of the greatest [sports car] drivers the world has ever seen.  He was a Formula One Drivers’ Champion at a time in Formula One where drivers were driving even more powerful cars than they are today within Formula One.  Those Turbocharged V-10’s also had less aerodynamic grip (downforce) and with less safety equipment and standards.  By all account the cars were death traps that required serious guts and a gladiator’s spirit to dare drive.

Senna was a kings amongst the other drivers, who were then kings amongst the entire sports car world.  How did he get to be so good?  No one knows but he could do things that others could not.  While he was alive, he made a huge impression on everyone who knew him.  Even today, he is considered to be the best.

Senna spent so much of his life making racing safer.  His death stands as the last of a F1 driver whilst racing.  During his life, he  donated millions to charity and was by all accounts an amazing man.  His loss especially devastated his home country of Brazil.  He will always be a national hero.

Kali Pinckney


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