— Boxing Is Legal, and Smoking In A Bar Is Not!

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Saw this article in the UK Mail Online and it was about a ferocious punch from one boxer to the face of his opponent that not only KNOCKED OUT the recipient  but also “turned his face to jelly”.  Now, I don’t care about boxing, it’s a brutal blood sport just like Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), but I’d like to point out that no one is trying to stop Boxing.  It’s a brutal activity that is akin to modern day Gladiator combat.  But OK!  Boxers risk there own safety and Neurological function for a sport.  Just like those who play football or rugby.

But what I wonder is where are those people who think Boxing should be banned?  You know the type of people that think it is justifiable to ban other things like Smoking in a privately owned bar.  You’ve got people beating each to the point of knockout, but we choose to ban gambling?  People are slowly getting killed in rings worldwide, while many think internet pornography is a real problem?  And we know how Prohibition of Alcohol works…

Now, I don’t think any of these activities should be banned (because of freedom and all) but I believe the idea isn’t even brought up in the public square because anyone who brought up ideas such as Banning Boxing (or MMA, or football), they would be considered idiotic and they would be forced into minding thier own business.  This is not to say they will never try, but they realize that for now, they don’t have the power to do so.  They will need to wait until they get more power over the lives of others before they even broach the subject, but they — no doubt — think Boxing is just as bad as Bullfighting or Hunting.  Where does freedom end?

It may be true that I just wanted to find a way to post the above picture… But Damn!  That looks like it hurts!

Kali Pinckney


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