— Nurgburgring And The Yellowbird


The best thing about being a “Car Guy” in this electronic world we live in is that with the click of a button we can be transported to information that we would’ve never known about otherwise; and here’s an amazing piece of video (that was actually recorded on a video tape). If you think driving is not a sport, here goes your evidence that it is just as much a sport as jogging.  And just like jogging, there’s just a point where it stops being an activity, and becomes something else.

It is a driver making his way around a circuit in a Ruf “Yellowbird”.  Ruf is a company that builds cars.  You may notice it looks just like a Porsche; but after a certain amount of work/modification, a car tuner, becomes a car manufacturer.  The Yellowbird was the first Ruf car I’d heard of and it is still my favorite.

This video takes place at the most formidable, infamous, and well known race circuit in the world.  And that circuit is Nurburgring.  Nurburgring is located in the forests of Germany and encompasses more than 14 miles of technical turns and straights that’ll scare even the bravest of men.  Nurburgring is the holy grail of a large percentage of the worlds racing fans.  We all dream of driving it.  Many of us know the turns well, despite never having driven the circuit in reality.

You may not get it, but look how much input he’s putting in to get this car around the circuit.  He is actually drifting (sliding) the car around some of the turns of a track (nicknamed “Green Hell”) that has claimed hundreds of lives since the early 1900’s.  Dude is no joke.

Kali Pinckney